Red Rover Cafe

About Our Cafe

Red Rover, Red Rover bring yourself right over for delicious sandwiches, soups, salads, Intelligentsia Coffee, Espresso, & Cappuccino by Nespresso and freshly baked yummy desserts, gourmet cookies, Rice Krispy Treats, New York Bagels, Muffins & Pastries.


Red Rover Cafe is the one of the newest additions to Rogers Park/Edgewater, and I give Lilly full credit for finding it. It’s a cute little cafe on Devon. I recommend Red Rover Cafe to anyone in the area.


We had their "Chicken Little Sandwich" (A fresh baked Croissant with Homemade Egg Salad topped with slices of Cucumber, Lettuce & Tomato) and a slice of their Cherry Pie. Believe me, the recipe was very close to what our Grandmother use to make!

Matt & Sheila M.


My Cobb Salad was Super! A real bargain for the size! The Red Rover Cafe also offers "Gluten-Free Bread" & a few "Vegan" options. We will be back soon!

Steven & Paul C.